Sustainability, fitness, and community is what makes us THRIVE.  Which is why we've decided to create the THRIVE Sustainable Commuting Program to encourage our clients to commute to work using alternatives to motorized vehicles.

How clients can take advantage of the program:

The following methods of transportation are eligible for this program:

  • Walking
  • Biking

Clients earn 1 (one) point for each eligible trip with a maximum of 2 (two) trips per day.  All trips must start or end at THRIVE.  Once you have accumulated 50 points, you are eligible for a reward!

To take advantage of this program, download the log for your home THRIVE and track your sustainable commutes.  Completed logs may be submitted via email to the Client Relations Manager:

This log is an honor system, please be honest when tracking your sustainable commute.  It is recommended that you turn in your log on the first of every month.  Each client should keep their own log. Only the person whose name is on the log will get credit for the points.

Don't have a bike or need some maintenance done?  Check out these bike shops near our THRIVE communities: