You may have noticed, we love bicycles.  Whether it's mountain biking on soft trails, checking out some new vistas on a road ride, commuting to work or the grocery store, or even just displaying bike as art, we're huge fans.

The push for more bicycles extends beyond THRIVE, and a culture shift can be sensed across the country.  More communities are paying attention to trail development, sharing paved roads with cyclists, and instituting bike exchange programs.  The idea of commuting to work on a bike has many pros for society, and the individual.  We could go on and on.  

And so we did, when we sat down with Jake Drevs, owner of City Cycles in downtown Jenks, Oklahoma.   As we work to open our THRIVE Jenks community, what better way to explore the area than by bike?  Jake had some great local insights:

When did you decide to open your store in downtown Jenks?

We decided to move the store here in December of 2014, and opened officially in April of 2015. We saw that downtown Jenks was on the verge of becoming one of those revitalized downtown communities and wanted to be a part of that. Since we opened, downtown has already seen a slew of new restaurants and businesses move in. We’re excited to be a part of it.


What makes Jenks an interesting destination for cyclists?

Everything in Jenks is accessible by bike.  Jenks sits on the edge of the Arkansas River, and hooks right into the extensive River Parks trail system. Those trails can take you from Jenks to downtown Tulsa, South Tulsa and Broken Arrow. 

How is cycling integrated into the downtown culture?

Our dream is to have everyone on a bike. Some communities make it easier than others. In downtown Jenks, you can literally go everywhere on a bike for anything you need.

Most of the streets are wide, and where they’re not, the speed limits for cars are low, which creates a safer environment to share the road. The bottom line is that Jenks is a great, safe place to ride, and it’s really easy to leave your car at home. 

Do you host group rides from the shop? 

We do, group rides leave the shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesdays are more of a ride-at-your-own-pace kind of thing where riders can follow the fully-marked 17-20 mile course. It’s a really popular night with our shop regulars. Thursdays, we co-host a ride with Lifetime Fitness. The routes vary, but you can definitely find a group that matches the speed and distance you want to ride.

Both nights are open to anyone who wants to get out and ride. Also, we always offer free drinks afterward of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties. 

What is your favorite ride from the shop? 

The shop is a great starting point for pretty much anywhere you want to ride around Tulsa. It’s really easy to head south and west, and we have a lot of really challenging routes of any distance you want. It’s difficult to pick just one. We just try to make City Cycles a launch pad for people’s next cycling adventure. 

What is your most popular bike this season?

The Focus Cayo is an up-and-coming bike model in the USA. In Europe, it’s already huge. What Focus Bikes brings to the table is a lot of really high-end engineering at a lower price point. For instance, the Focus Cayo has internally routed cabling, which makes it quieter and is a feature that’s not so common on a sub-$1,000 road bike.

The Cayo is a nimble bicycle you can use for racing or endurance riding (which is code for comfortable). It’s a really comfortable bike to ride, which is important when you could be out on it for six, seven hours at a time. The Cayo does a lot of different things very well, and you can get your hands on one for a reasonable price. It’s a great bike. 

Anything to add?

We carry brands we believe in, and most are not bikes you can get anywhere else in the Tulsa area. Our mission is to inspire people to get out, explore the world and have “extraordinary adventures.” We do this because we love bikes and we love cycling. 

We want everyone who comes through the door to feel comfortable. There are no dumb questions. We don’t care if you’re not a super-fit racer guy/gal. We just want to help you get what you need so you can get out and feel like a kid again. 

How do you THRIVE?  Bourbon.

The next time you're in downtown Jenks, pop into City Cycles to check out their array of bikes, gear, and accessories.  If you're in need of some Jenks riding routes or tips, their team can help!