Many of us can find inspiration while relaxing with a delicious drink. However, there is a unique group who are inspired to explore not only what goes into that drink, but how to perfect it.  We sat down with Jacqueline Shin, Foxhole Public House Manager, and Bartender extraordinaire to learn more about the recipes behind some of the Foxhole cocktails. 

What is your favorite part of bartending?

I enjoy working with people and developing relationships with clients. Some of my best friends and the people who I really love, I’ve met while bartending.

What is your favorite recipe or drink?

Sazerac is one of my favorite drinks to make-I really love it.  I enjoy scouring the internet for new recipes and finding inspiration in blogs. 
My favorite recipe is called the Foxhole’s Restorative.  I traveled to Rome and found this hole in the wall bar, I asked the bartender to make me his favorite drink.  He made for me a half shot and there was a lime wedge dipped in raw sugar, and then on the other side of the lime they had the finest, like powder, beautiful Italian espresso.  He then gave me a glass of this aged rum I’d never seen. You bite into the lime with the sugar side down and espresso side up and then sip the rum.  It blew my mind it- was amazing.
I’ve tried to recreate that, but obviously, you get coffee in your teeth it's a mess.  I’ve reworked it with a cold brew and rum stirred together and acid phosphate, which is a flavor enhancer.  You rim the side of the glass with the lime and the sugar, then you sip the acid phosphate, coffee, and rum.  The acid phosphate kind of ignites the lime that’s on your tongue and opens it up. 

Favorite Alcohol?

Fernet Branca is my favorite Amaro.  It’s a hard sell for people because it’s really bitter.  It has a lot of saffron and myrrh and mint.  It’s known as the Bartender’s Handshake.

How do you THRIVE?

There’s nothing better than having someone try a drink you’ve made and watch them fall in love with that drink.  When they come back and want it and have been thinking about it and love it, even if it’s an “Old Fashioned”, it makes me so happy.