In this day and age, it's easy to take electricity for granted.  However, the trade of being an electrician is no small feat, and integral to any construction project.  We had a conversation with small business owner (and THRIVE electrician!) Chris Coffman, Owner/President of Elliott Electrical to learn more about his company.


What is the name of your business and how did the business come about? 

Our company is Elliott Electrical Inc., named after the founder Lloyd Elliott

How did you get into this line of work? 

When I was 15, I started out helping my Uncle on service calls.  I graduated from college with a degree in Construction Management in 1999, and started looking for a job.  I heard that Mr. Elliott was looking for a Project Manager, I  and made an appointment for an interview, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott hired me and I have always been thankful to them for giving me a chance so many years ago. Mr. Elliott and I became great friends and he was a great guy to know.    Lloyd Elliott founded the company in 1972, we lost him last year to Cancer.  

Since March, 2013 we have utilized Elliott Electric as our electrical contractor for our residential and commercial developments.

The entire staff -from office to field technicians- approach the job with a “can do” attitude. They have gone above and beyond on numerous occasions to assist us with electrical needs and technical trouble shooting. We consider them a great asset to our Trade Partner team!
— Carla Gabbard, ERC Construction Services Coordinator

What are some of the projects you are working on? 

Elliott’s primary focus is multifamily and student housing.  We are currently working in six states.
We have been blessed over the years to work with some great developers.  

What has been your most memorable job?  

Downtown Little Rock.  We were renovating the DP&L building, it was my first big job.  I learned so much and met some great people.  It was definitely a learning experience.

How do you THRIVE?

I love what I do!  During the estimating process I will “build” the job in my mind.  I always enjoy seeing the finished product and want my customers to be happy with the service that we provide.

Elliott Electric has worked with ERC Building Co. on several regional projects and installed all of the electrical work at the THRIVE Bentonville and Jenks locations.