Finding the right work/life balance can be different for everyone and what allows you to THRIVE is constantly changing.
In this post, Christian Rodriguez, THRIVE Jenks’s Client Relations Manager shares his path to creating balance, and his take on the question: How do you THRIVE?

I think that it’s important to live your life to the fullest. We all know someone who forgets to live because of work. That was me a couple years back.  I was focusing solely on returns based on my professional life. What I noticed was that it was at the cost of my healthy lifestyle, social life, and personal relationships.
I have come to learn that the easiest way to balance my hobbies, (which include hiking, travel, salsa dancing, movies, gaming, and photography) and my priorities (my wife, family, work and health) is to “Bundle”.
How do I THRIVE? I Bundle. A good example is instead of finding ways to separate work and hobbies, I do research on somewhere I can easily travel to which has good hiking trails all while having my photography equipment with me.  When I schedule activities, I ensure my wife can join me.  We usually make a little video to share with the family.  I look for destinations with Wi-Fi for that quick gaming or movie session, or checking work emails.
My wife and I are now busier than ever, we hardly ever have time to go to the dance studio like we used to.  Now we simply dance anywhere Bachata or Salsa music can be heard.  Be it in a crowded restaurant or offering a quick lesson to people interested in learning. Dancing is incorporated spontaneously from walking to the dinner table to getting ready for Church.

One of the best things I’ve experienced and learned since joining the THRIVE team is that I can place a sense of community first, in both my professional and personal life.  I have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people who share a passion and goal of mine: working hard to transform Jenks into a THRIVEing and inviting community.
I look forward to being able to providing THRIVE clients a home that will create an engaging and inspired community.  This community will no doubt bring new faces to the Jenks downtown area and help spur some of the business and cultural developments in the area.
In my office, laughter is the background music that fuels exceptional service.  While I strive to better balance life with work, I find myself blurring the lines between them. Life has never been this fun.

To experience some laughter or for a tour of the new THRIVE Jenks project email or call Christian at or (918) 600-8432