It's hard to be unhappy when someone is creating you an amazing looking, smelling, and tasting baked good.  That’s the thought behind the Bentonville Baking Company, based just a couple blocks away from THRIVE 01 in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas.

In addition to offering classes on site and off (the THRIVE tribe now are excellent cookie decorators!) Bentonville Baking sells custom order cakes, cupcakes, bread, cookies, and more!

We want to give people something that is unexpected.

The baking company is inspired by the idea of creating a baked good that is of the best quality.  “It can’t just look beautiful, it has to taste delicious too!” says owner Gwen Hillgrass.   “You can’t make a good final product using poor components.  We are trying to find high-end local ingredients and moving towards partnering with other locally owned businesses to produce even better tasting baked goods.”  The company has done just that: with partners like Ramo d’Olivo (supplying olive oil for bread and selling them on site) Kyya Chocolate, and more coming on line- these goodies are only getting better!

And finally, we asked the Bentonville Baking Company team:

How do you THRIVE?

We really want to make our customers and devourers happy.  It’s really fun to see a kid react to their Star Wars cookies, or an expecting mother starts crying when she gets to her shower and sees baby-themed cookies.  We love giving people a high-quality product that makes them feel good on the inside and outside. 

In essence: You can’t really be unhappy when someone is shoving an awesome baked good in your face.  Things should be beautiful and taste good.