It’s official, the Foxhole Public House has opened street side at THRIVE Bentonville!  All are welcome to stop in and relax at the newest Pub in downtown Bentonville.


7am-1am Monday through Saturday
Located Streetside at THRIVE Bentonville AKA SW A Street, just across from Pedaler’s Pub and Bike Rack Brewery


Featuring Savory, Sweet, and Unimaginable Cocktails!
Coffee & Smoothies
Hot Cereal, Bread Bombs, (stuffed bread perfect for breakfast!) and Steamed Buns.

THRIVE Tribe Recommendations:

  • Bananas & Pecans Hot Cereal - Rolled Oats and Millet Blend, Bananas, Pecans, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar
  • Pork Belly Steamed Buns - Local Farm-Raised Pork, Great Fermentations Purple Cabbage, House-Made Hoisin Sauce, Spicy Kewpie Mayo
  • Berry Fruit Smoothie  
  • jShin Snacks - Gin, Genepy, Lemon, Muddled Cherry Tomatoes, Korean Chili Rim

We sat down with Owner and Proprietress Emily Lawson, to learn more about her vision for Foxhole:

Why did you envision and ultimately choose Bentonville as the spot for the Foxhole?

Bentonville has a really unique and diverse culture.  The City and residents are really trying to promote this culture of pedestrianism: walk to work, bike downtown.  A Public House is an extension of your own home.  For the people of Bentonville where work is such a large part of their time and trying to find a work/life balance, the Foxhole seemed like something of a release to them-I saw a need.
THRIVE is the perfect location for this.  Professionals who live in these 62 living spaces and work in the area, walk and bike to work.  This melds with what I’m doing.  Our products can be used throughout the entire day: morning, noon, and night.

How do you THRIVE?

I love trying new recipes, be it cocktails or culinary bites.  Having this landing spot for everything and for all the little options we’re offering is really important.  The Foxhole menu is diverse, we have Asian options, South American feeling cocktails.  To be able to test different recipes with people’s palates and my own is so special.  Craftsmanship is very important to me.`
Learn more about the Foxhole on their website:

Emily Lawson is also the owner of Pink House Alchemy, which sells delicious drink shrubs, bitters, and mixes.  (You can taste several of them in the drinks on the Foxhole menu!)