Starting a fitness program, or deciding to adopt an active lifestyle can be a hard transition.  It's also one of the best things you can do for your body and mind.

Buck Hitcher, is one of ERC's Field Managers, who decided to incorporate fitness in his daily life and stick with it!  From running 5ks with his sons to hiking the Ozark mountains, being active now extends from the construction job site and into his personal life.  

We asked Buck to share a bit about how his lifestyle change has affected his fitness, family, work, and perspective.  Being the enthusiastic champion that he is, he  jumped at the opportunity to answer the question: How do you THRIVE?

Healthy Lifestyle

Initially, I decided to adopt a more active lifestyle for my children. My Wife and I put 100% into raising our Sons to be Successful Gentlemen. One day I realized I was failing in the area of a healthy lifestyle. We Rodeo and have an active life of work on the Farm and Sports at school, but I wanted them to have a fierce drive in their mentality. That was my motivation-then came the drive and Pro-Active blast to me personally that has transformed every aspect of my life.  I eat cleaner, think clearer, my Pro-Active mentality enables me to give 110% at work, home farm life.  My communication skills  are enhanced from a greater level of confidence and self-esteem.  It is not a diet, it is not a phase, it's how I Thrive!

Servant Spirit

I've been Blessed to know some Great Leaders and the one trait consistent, evident in them all is the Servant Spirit...

Positive Perspective

Every goal, every dream, every thing that is good is mine!!! I can't lose I'm gonna win!!! I was born to succeed!!! #itshappening2016 #bigdreams #biggoals #allmine!!!!!

Buck has led the ERC Construction team on many recent projects, including the Woodlands in Bentonville, Arkansas.  He is now working in Oklahoma City on the second phase of a multifamily development.  Buck and his team have applied new processes on this project from Earthwork through Utilities and Concrete that has proven to be organized and cost efficient.  Overall quality control is impeccable with bi-weekly walks with our Client to ensure Customer Service that is second to none. 

If you'd like to keep up with Buck and his projects, follow him on Twitter!  @BuckHitcher

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