A Brief History of the Trifest from Alexandra Bornkessel

"Social change can be as simple as the inspiration that sits across for you at the dinner table." It's this idea, in the words of my dad, that seeded the idea of the Foundation and our aims.  

My dad and I had both been serving as free agent fundraisers for MS research, with my dad becoming an amateur triathlete. My mom, inspired, saw a window of opportunity for her to become a triathlete. So, my dad and some of her friends, worked with her over the summer to train and designed a shorter length course, a Super Sprint.

My mom dubbed it her 'Tri2Encourage' Super Sprint as her aim was to encourage those with MS or facing any challenge to go for it. In her words, she shares: "Don't underestimate what you can do--what you can do to influence others, to encourage others and to be encouraged yourself." Little did she know, that she would wake up to do her Tri2Encourage and serve as the pied piper in leading a community to dig deep, and seed a way to bring encouragement to the world of MS and beyond.

That first race, 200 people showed up the morning Mom planned to do her race (she thought it'd just be about 4-5 friends). The media was there, the police had the roads blocked off, people baked food, had T-shirts made and raced/cheered her on to the finish. At the end of her race, we presented her with a check that reflected funds people had donated to start the Rampy MS Research Foundation where we dedicate 100% raised directly to MS research. 

What is the TRIFEST for MS?

The TRIFEST for MS is the largest triathlon in Arkansas and is an official, USAT certified course.
It was voted 'Best Triathlon' in the South by Competitor Magazine in 2014.  In three years, the event has raised $120,000 for MS research being done at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS).

In 2015, The TRIFEST for MS plans to host 1000 participants--racers and volunteers--over the weekend of September 4, 5, 6, 2015.  The event features an outdoor pool course (great for spectating) and a kids race.

We change lives to save lives by bringing encouragement to the world of MS and beyond through research, triathlon and community.  

Register to Race!  Deadline: Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Want to Volunteer?  Be an ENCOURAGER and sign up to give your time!
Encouragers are especially needed on Sunday, to help man the bike race and support the kids race.  Encouragers on Saturday & Sunday are fed and given an event T-Shirt in addition to bragging rights that you are a part of largest triathlon in Arkansas, let alone the South!

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