Located on the border of the upcoming Bentonville Arts District; THRIVE is one of the first residential communities to be built in the vibrant and growing downtown Bentonville neighborhood.

Anyone who has lived in the Northwest Arkansas region for a season or two has witnessed the sudden and fierce rain storms rolling off the plains.  During the early stages of design, our team reviewed several different "green" construction options that would make THRIVE more sustainable and resilient.  One area identified during this process was the driveway and internal parking areas of the site.

The motor court of THRIVE uses the 100% recycled plastic "EZ Roll Gravel Pavers" solution.  This material allows storm water to trickle through the gravel system and slowly run into the city’s storm water system or recharge the aquifer.  Since the water permeates through the drive, no irrigation or water maintenance is required. It provides a softer surface than concrete or asphalt paving that does not get as hot in the summer sun- reducing the Urban Heat Island effect

This type of solution is recommended for several different landscape situations including: golf cart paths, recreational trails, overflow parking areas, garden paths, etc.  It is also recommended for areas with erosion issues.  Given the hexagonal design, the structure can withstand significant loads. 

Another perk?  The sound of crunching gravel is a cue to automobile drivers to slow down-- making the THRIVE courtyard safer for clients, pedestrians and bicyclists. 

Interested in leasing a THRIVE living space? Check out our availability or learn more about the downtown Bentonville neighborhood.