by ReGina Rotert, THRIVE Bentonville Client Relations Manager

It's always fun to see what inspires our THRIVE clients.  In just a couple short months, the THRIVE team has seen a lot of personality shining through with outdoor living space décor: door mats, wreaths, signs, and plants.  We love seeing the pride taken in making a part of THRIVE, a home.

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about décor.  Here are some tips based off some THRIVE inspiration: 


  • After carving, pumpkins will last 5-10 days before turning into a pile of mush. (Ick for you and your neighbors!)
  • Pumpkins that are not cut or carved can last for several weeks after purchase.
  • If you choose to carve a pumpkin, use only battery operated lights, instead of candles.  (Not only do you bypass fire hazard issues, but less heat will reduce the speed of rot.)*
  • Consider placing an aluminum pie tin or plate underneath the pumpkin so as to not stain outdoor cement/decking, etc.

Outdoor Plants (mums, poinsettias, miniature pine trees, etc.)

  • Read the label before purchasing to make sure the plant will survive outdoors. (Note temperature and sunlight according to your garden zone and which direction your living space faces.)
  • Choose a container that will not rust, fade, or stain the concrete/decking, etc.
  • Make sure plants are not poisonous to your pets.

Wreaths and Signs

  • Hang with over-the-door hooks or 3M Command hooks.  These won't damage your apartment door.
  • Position your door decoration so that you do not obstruct vision through your peep hole.
  • Be thoughtful of the community you live in, and do not display exterior signs that might be offensive.
  • If you or your little ones enjoy the artistic expression of chalk art, please keep your drawings in front of your living space door.  Many multifamily complexes (THRIVE included) do not allow chalk on any interior walkways or balconies.  Remember that chalk can cling to shoes and be tracked inside!


  • Use a timer to conserve energy.
  • 3M Command hooks work great to hang lights and decorations.  They come in a variety of colors and sizes, are reusable, and easy to remove.
  • Note that many multifamily neighborhoods (THRIVE included) do not allow exterior electrical lighting.  Plan to decorate the inside of your windows instead!


Share your décor inspiration: Hashtag your photos with #THRIVEcreate!

  • Live trees should be kept in an appropriate container/stand to prevent damage to the floor.
  • At THRIVE, we will pick up and dispose of live trees the first week of January for our clients' convenience (date and time TBA).

I love seeing the pride our clients are taking in making THRIVE their home.  This holiday season will no doubt be full of more inspirational ideas, I can't wait to see what our clients come up with!

*For indoor and outdoor decorating, always check labels for fire hazard warnings.